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Tyler F Clark
Tyler F. Clark
Clark Employment Law, APC

Is specialty firm that aggressively litigates cases exclusively on behalf of injured workers. By maintaining a small case load, the firm makes certain that no detail in your case goes unnoticed. The firm also works on a contingency basis.

Clark Employment Law handles the following cases on behalf of injured workers:

  1. Whistleblower
    Retaliation Read More
  2. Pregnancy
    Discrimination Read More
  3. Sexual
    Harassment Cases Read More
  4. Wrongful
    Termination Read More
  5. Discrimination Read More
  6. Family Medical
    Leave Issues Read More
  7. Reasonable
    Accommodation Read More
  8. Military Leave
    Violations Read More
  9. Defamation Read More
  10. Transgender
    Discrimination Read More
  11. Wage and Hour Read More
  12. Retaliation Read More
  13. Invasion of
  14. Unemployment
    Benefit Hearings/

Clark Employment Law, a premier Los Angeles employment law firm specializing in representing employees in wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment cases.

Contact Clark Employment Law for a free consultation with California discrimination attorney Tyler F. Clark. Clark Employment Law is a California based professional corporation representing employees exclusively in discrimination, harassment and other employment cases.

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