Tyler Clark is ethical and honest. He was extremely well prepared, his advice was spot on, and his staff was also wonderful. I could not be happier with his service. This is one lawyer who knows his stuff and can be trusted. Two big thumbs up.

Scott B

A great attorney!

All I can say is that this guy is GREAT. HE handled my case like a true pro. He kept me informed every step of the way and helped me more than I could have ever hoped for. “he really knows his law”


Hardest working, Most dedicated and Capable Lawyer you will ever find!!!

When I was unlawfully terminated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento for blowing the whistle on a history of hazing at St. Patrick-St. Vincent High school in Vallejo, CA, Tyler Clark took my case after hearing my story. Not only did he believe in my case, he believed in me, and that was important to me. From the onset, Tyler treated me like a friend, and throughout the two years that the case took, we became friends. He took my case almost personally, because he was able to see the tremendous toll it took on me and my life. He is loyal, trustworthy, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. he has a sense of humor, but is extremely professional in his demeanor and will FIGHT for his clients. During the jury trial, Tyler had a great command of the facts and was articulate and professional in his delivery as he masterfully dissected the testimony of each and every witness for the defense. In the end, it was in large part to his skills and incredibly hard work and the long hours he put into this case that allowed us to win a $4 million jury award against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento for unlawful termination, defamation and whistle-blowing.


Great Attorney!!

I was happy with the outcome of my case along with Tyler always keeping me informed. Highly recommended.

Carmen Tygard

Highly recommend Tyler Clark!!

I was wrongfully terminated from my job and am so grateful to have had such an awesome Attorney in Mr. Clark fight for me. He is Professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, hard working, attentive and I could go on and on! If you need an attorney that will give you 110% then you do not need to look any further. I highly recommend his services.


Tyler Clark is a great Attorney!!!

Tyler was amazing!! He really kept me informed about my case and really put up a fight for me to make sure I was treated fairly. Tyler was very professional through the entire time of my case and made sure everything was done at my best interest. I would definitely recommend Tyler Clark!!


Working with Tyler Clark was a great move

Tyler was a pleasure to work with.

Not only is he exceptionally talented and articulate, he is expert in his knowledge of employment law and uses it to great effect. My case was not the largest around, but Tyler took it as seriously as I felt he would have a much larger case. Throughout our activities, Tyler was consistently working with me to minimize the costs and fees involved. This was a truly refreshing aspect of working with him; I always felt he was trustworthy and truly out for my best interests. Several times he came through with things that helped reduce our costs that he didn’t have to do and I would not have known the difference. It is nice to see people like this are still out there.

As for professional effectiveness, he was by far, WAY more prepared than anyone else in the room. This enabled him to be HIGHLY effective. Not only did this help resolve the situation favorably, it enabled a situation that was dragging on and on to come to a quick and effective resolution. He accurately estimated the outcomes of each issue, saw through confusing noise, and assisted me greatly in understanding the process and not becoming intimidated or de-motivated.

He is not afraid to tackle tough situations – often going up against as many as four opposing council by himself, and handling them deftly. This comes from confidence that is earned through good preparation and understanding of the facts and the law. I always had the feeling I was dealing with someone of class and personal integrity and would not hesitate to call on him again or recommend him to close friends if the need ever arose.


Awesome experience real results

I went to Tyler Clark after I was terminated while on ca state disability. I left a message with one of his assistants and was contacted shortly after. Mr. Clark asked details on what happened and immediately setup a meeting informing me that they had broken several laws. He accepted my case and worked diligently on the case the entire time keeping me very informed all along the way. Mr. Clark is very knowledgable, professional, and willing to do what it takes to make things happen. All in all the experience was fantastic and relatively easy and straightforward. I would most definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for the best employment law attorney out there. Thanks again Tyler for everything!


Tyler Clark’s Legal Services

Tyler Clark handled my case with great expertise. He was very thorough, knowlegeable, very professional, kind, and respectful. He consistently fought for my best interest. I am very pleased with the services provided by Tyler Clark.


Tyler Clark’s Services

Regardless if Tyler won my case or not, the amount of effort and attention to detail he put into my case was unbelievable. He was easy to talked to and actively listened to all my cares and concerns. There were times where I would become very frustrated and irritated about things going on within the case. He always let me vent and also was able to calm me down. Tyler goes above and beyond his job description and I truly believe it’s because he cares for his clients. I highly recommend his services.


Survey from a satisfied client

I was fired unjustly and mr.clark helped me to compensated fairly and fast.he is the lawyer you want on your side if you find your self in this type of situation .


Awesome Lawyer

Tyler is very knowledgeable about the law, every step of the case was explained to me in detail. My case went smoothly, Tyler took care of everything so I had one less thing to stress about. He is completely trustworthy.

An Employment Client

Unemployment Appeal

I have seen Mr. Clark at work and was very impressed with his performance on my case. Thank You!

A Wrongful Termination Client

Just Awesome

Tyler was awesome from day one. He is extremely well versed in the law, friendly, patient, and highly responsive. It was a relief to put my case in his hands, and trust that he would protect my interests, but do so in an equitable and ethical fashion. I can’t thank him enough for his help.

A Wrongful Termination Client

Emotional Distress

Tyler Clark is the correct person for those who are looking for justice in accordance with the law. Tyler put a lot of effort and dedication in my case. He has a lot of knowledge and stand out in a discussion or dispute. I recommend the Lawyer Tyler Clark because he has experience, knowledge, dedication, and will fight for justice. He won my case and I’m very happy with his work. God blesses him.

Jose Luis

Tyler Clark – A+

My experience with Tyler was very positive. When gathering information, Tyler considered every single possibility, and it seemed that no detail went unaccounted for. Throughout the litigation, he was extremely courteous and professional. It seemed that, at whatever time of day, he was connected to his email, able to respond within an hour or two. Naturally, I did not understand many of the legal minutia, and he always answered my questions in a straightforward, friendly manner, no matter how small or insignificant the question may have been.

When it came time for negotiations, Tyler was forceful and I was definitely happy to have him on my side. I would strongly recommend this firm to anyone.


Great Attorney

I am a normal guy. I had an employment matter at issue after more than a decade of service and Tyler helped me protect my rights. He was very professional and spent time with me to assure my understanding and kept me thoroughly informed. He was straightforward, genuinely honest, and knew the law every step of the way. Above all after working with him I believed in him as much as my rights. I would recommend Mr. Clark to anyone who has their best interest in mind. If you are not a lawyer the process can be very exhausting and it does more than help to have an attorney like Tyler on your side. I considered myself fortunate to have had him represent me as my attorney.

An Employment Client

Excellent attorney

I do really recommend this attorney so much since he did a great job against big law firm . He solves the problem quickly and professionally just like if he is doing this from a very long time ago. Any way I will give hem 9.5 out of 10.


Knowledgeable and responsive

Tyler, was very ambitious and diligent in his approach, His support was endless.


Above and Beyond

My review would be 110% Tyler went way above and beyond his efforts for me. He kept me informed about everything. Very easy to get a hold of. He was up front and thats everything I wanted in a lawyer. He cared about me and my case. He was’nt all about the money he spent many many hours getting to know my case. I would give him 10 thumbs up in all that he did for me and the outcome was just as we wanted it. I’M very much appreciated for all he has done for me and would refer anyone who asked me about him. You will not go wrong with Tyler. Definitely a great lawyer.

Stacey McGillivary

A lawyer you can count on!

I have been let go to my previous job and Mr Tyler help me win my case. During those months that he work on my case he is very good on keeping me updated, he is very patient and honest to me that he always tell me what’s right thing to do.


Professional, Prompt, and Informative

Tyler was very professional and prompt. The service he and his firm provide are top notch and I would recommend him to anyone. From the quick response emails to the keeping the client (myself) informed on the case, Tyler has to be one of the best lawyers.


Tyler Francis Clark a Very Trustworthy Lawyer

I could not say enough about Tyler Clark. He is lawyer that is alway on top of his game. Very straight forward and updates you constantly. He is very trustworthy and I highly recommend.


Excellent work Tyler

Tyler is trustworthy, I highly recommand him. He is a great Attorney , and a hard worker. To the point, On top of things and follow the law with good results .He always answered my questions and gave me updates. And he takes his work home on weekends.


Tyler Francis Clark

Tyler Clark is an ethical lawyer. He was prompt and communicative and kept me well informed about my case. I would highly recommend him.

An Employment Client

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