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Los Angeles Whistleblower Retaliation Lawyer

Los Angeles Whistleblower Lawyer Whistleblowers are an instrumental component of ensuring honest and ethical practices in American workplaces. When individuals or groups of conspirators engage in fraud, corruption in the workplace, or other illegal activities, whistleblowers can expose their operations and report their activities to the appropriate government or law enforcement agencies or persons within the company with authorities to correct the illegal conduct. The decision to become a whistleblower can be life-changing, and many whistleblowers face significant personal and professional consequences for their decisions to come forward with the truth.

Providing Legal Counsel to Whistleblowers in Los Angeles, CA

Some employees are fired or threatened with termination when they report health and safety violations, waste or theft of tax dollars, criminal conduct, or other violations of a state, federal, or local law or regulation. Under various whistleblower legislations, these retaliatory actions by an employer are illegal. In California, an employee may also blow the whistle by internally reporting what the employee reasonably believes to be a violation of law to his or her supervisor or to another employee with authority to investigate or correct the company’s violation of law.

If you have witnessed any fraud, illegal conduct, or corruption in your workplace, you may feel compelled to come forward with what you know. However, it’s natural to feel isolated and afraid of the consequences of this decision. Clark Employment Law, APC, wants to help you approach your situation with confidence and peace of mind. Our team can provide the legal counsel you need to report what you know to the appropriate authorities.

Whistleblowing in Various Industries

Whistleblowers can come forward in virtually any industry, including but not limited to:

  • In the health care facilities, whistleblowers (including doctors, dentists, registered nurses, physician assistants, nurse’s assistants, medical technicians, and other health care professionals) have come forward to advocate for their patients’ rights, to report suspected unsafe patient care, patient abuse, sub-standard of patient care, or other issues relating to the care, services, and conditions of the health care facility, or to protest the employer’s policy or practice affecting patient care.
  • Whistleblowers often include those who work for private government contractors that submit invoices to the California state or federal government for services rendered or goods sold. These whistleblowers learned during the course of their employment that false or fraudulent invoices, false or fraudulent product labels, (or other fraudulent activities) were being submitted to government agencies to secure overpayment from the government or to apply for tax or duty exemption or other government-backed programs.
  • In the pharmaceuticals industries, whistleblowers have come forward to expose widespread malpractice, dangerous drugs, regulatory misconduct, and various other criminal activities that have had detrimental effects on public health. Unfortunately, many healthcare companies and pharmaceutical companies have concealed dangerous products and practices to shield employees and protect their profits.
  • In the past, defense contractors who have engaged in unethical activities to increase profits have been exposed by whistleblower actions.
  • Whistleblower actions are exceedingly common in the financial services sector, including but not limited to banks, credit unions, investment companies, and other financial institutions. Many financial professionals have exploited their clients, made misrepresentation to their clients, and breached their fiduciary duties for personal gain, and whistleblowers have generated many high-profile corruption cases in this sector.
  • Construction, public works, and infrastructure contracting. Whistleblowers have come forward to expose bid-rigging, inappropriate safety measures, and regulatory violations across various parts of the construction industry. Unfortunately, due to the inherently vital nature of this work, many groups in the construction and infrastructure sectors have engaged in corruption for personal gain.
  • Industries that must maintain regulatory compliance for safety and environmental protection have faced legal consequences for malfeasance exposed by whistleblowers. If an employee notices their employer shirking regulatory obligations in any way that endangers public health and safety, they should report these activities to the appropriate authorities.

These are just a few examples of how whistleblowers have reshaped various industries over the years. When an employee in any industry discovers corruption, breach of fiduciary duties, regulatory noncompliance, or other illegal conduct, they may feel compelled to report what they’ve seen to the appropriate government oversight agencies.

Los Angeles Whistleblower Retaliation Lawyer

How Can a Los Angeles Whistleblower Attorney Help?

It is the public policy of the State of California to encourage employees to notify an appropriate government or law enforcement agency, person with authority over the employee, or another employee with authority to investigate, discover, or correct the violation or noncompliance, and to provide information to and testify before a public body conducting an investigation, hearing or inquiry, when they have reason to believe their employer is violating a state or federal statute or violating or not complying with a local, state or federal rule or regulation.

If you have information that your employer is violating laws or regulations, or if your employer is causing danger to your patients or the public’s health and safety, you should not fear to speak up or report the employer’s illegal conduct. Your employer should not retaliate against you for doing the right thing. Unfortunately, some employers do try to silence whistleblowers by shunning, intimidating, or even firing them.

Blowing the whistle on your employer can be scary. But various state and federal laws are in place to protect whistleblowers like you from retaliation by their employers in a number of situations. Clark Employment Law, APC is one of the best whistleblower law firms in the Los Angeles area.

We are committed to seeking justice for employees who are retaliated against because of their whistleblowing activities. Please contact our firm if you feel that you have been mistreated at work because of your whistle-blowing activity. Our Los Angeles-based attorneys will assist you in pursuing all legal remedies that are available to you.

What Is Retaliation?

There are various laws in place at the state level in California and the federal level that aim to prevent American employees from experiencing retaliation in the workplace. But, unfortunately, retaliation still occurs in many different ways across all industries:

  • Whistleblower retaliation is one of the most commonly cited forms of employer retaliation. This pertains to situations where an employee has made a whistleblower complaint what he/she reasonably believed to be illegal conduct by their employer in good faith, and their employer responds with retaliatory action.
  • Discrimination and harassment retaliation could happen after an employee engaged in activities that are protected under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), etc.:
  • Retaliation may occur after an employee filed a complaint, testified, or assists in any proceeding concerning discrimination, harassment, or retaliation against his or her employer.
  • Some employees experience retaliation after filing claims for workers’ compensation, typically because the employer’s insurance premium rises after the employee’s complaint.
    Los Angeles Whistleblower Retaliation Lawyer

What to Expect From Your Los Angeles Whistleblower Lawyer

Hiring legal counsel to navigate your whistleblower complaint will make the entire process much easier to handle. Your legal team will help you determine the fundamental concerns of your complaint. Clark Employment Law, APC, understands the stress that whistleblowers experience. If you have witnessed the corruption of any kind and feel compelled to speak out against your employer for their actions, it’s natural to be concerned for your livelihood or even your safety.

Our attorneys can help you take full advantage of the various legal protections in place at the state and federal levels concerning whistleblowers. Rest assured that if you choose our firm to represent you in your whistleblower complaint, we will help you take full advantage of your legal rights and the legislative protections in place at the state and federal levels throughout every phase of your whistleblower complaint.

If you are ready to discuss your whistleblower complaint with a team of trustworthy and experienced Los Angeles whistleblower lawyers, contact us today at (818) 741-2101 and schedule your free consultation with Clark Employment Law, APC.

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