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Your career is your livelihood, and when issues in the workplace start interfering with your job, your whole life is affected. Career stability is crucial for maintaining financial stability, and the thought of losing your job over discriminated characteristics, like gender or race, or over generally addressing important problems with your employer can be particularly stressful.

Employment law protections are one of the most important sets of legal proceedings built to keep your job and your income protected from harm. In the Riverside area, the legal team at Clark Employment Law can help you address any grievances with your employer, decide the best strategy for restoring your rights, and move forward in the process towards helping you feel secure at work once more.

What Is Riverside Employment Law?

Employment law is a branch of legal proceedings that provides protections to individual employees, including the legal proceedings that follow addressing problems with an employer. Ranging from accessibility cases to gender-related discrimination, employment law protections help fight any form of discrimination, harassment, or targeted attacks an employee may face from their employer.

These targeted cases of retaliation – an employer seeking to punish an employee for certain actions or attributes – range from targeted harassment and discrimination to pay decreases, unfair disciplinary actions, and even separation or termination of employment.

Is Employment Law Interchangeable With Labor Law?

Labor law and employment law are areas of the legal field that aim to protect the rights of workers. However, the primary focus area of each field is different. Labor law is the set of legal proceedings that advocate for a group of workers, or a staff team, that goes beyond a single worker.

Labor law protections are often used in establishing, maintaining, and protecting worker-established groups, such as labor unions, and can help facilitate meetings or grievance redressal between the workers, employers, and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Employment law, on the other hand, is handled on an individual basis, and legal proceedings typically follow a single employee’s case against their employer. Grievance redressal for unfair labor practices, like retaliation for whistleblowing, is covered by both labor law and employment law.

However, the cases taken on in an employment law case handle a singular employee as opposed to a group of employees. For example, if an employee is wrongfully terminated after revealing that she is pregnant to a supervisor, this case would fall into the employment law category, and that employee can then find an employment lawyer to help address the issue in court.

Riverside Employment Lawyer

Are Personal Injury and Workers Compensation the Same?

Personal injury claims and worker’s compensation claims, although different, are two other types of claims that can be simultaneously filed with or against an employer as a way to restore any damages lost by these injuries. For example, if you slip and fall on a puddle of condensation from a poorly installed air conditioning unit in your workplace, the worker’s compensation filing for your injury can be done alongside the personal injury claim against the HVAC installer, the third party involved in the incident.

While both claims are injury-based, worker’s compensation is handled by your employer, and the case brought up against the HVAC company would be considered a personal injury suit. Used as a way to cover any outlasting damages caused by your worker’s compensation claim, a personal injury suit can cover payments not taken on by your workplace insurance.

Incidents Covered by Employment Law Proceedings

Seeking any kind of action when dealing with workplace issues can be nerve-racking, especially in instances where retaliation is common. Coming out about an experience with sexual harassment, retaliation, or workplace discrimination can cause a rift in your management team, and as the employee, you can be caught in the fallout from these decisions.

Fortunately, the protections provided by state and federal employment laws can help you speak up about these issues and receive the right remedies for rectifying each situation. Some of the biggest areas of employment law include:

  • Workplace Discrimination: Being in a hostile environment, especially when trying to perform your job, can be distracting and morally draining. In many instances, this discrimination can go unnoticed, or employees might not understand that they are being targeted, unaware of their rights as workers. Workplace discrimination based on characteristics like age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion, among many others, should not be tolerated and making sure these issues are addressed is crucial to rectifying these problems.
  • Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment is one of the biggest problems in the workplace, affecting both men and women. Reporting sexual harassment, especially if the abuse is coming from a person in a management position or higher up in the company, can be intimidating, and victims may either be coerced or pressured into silence as a form of retaliation. Speaking up about sexual harassment should not cost you your job, and fighting back against those that try to cover up or suppress your story can help restore the justice you need.
  • Retaliation: One of the first things that should happen after being involved in or witnessing a problem at the office is sharing that experience and seeking internal programs to try and fix these issues. Sadly, speaking up about any grievances or unfair treatment in the workplace can be seen as a threat to an employer, and to preserve their image and intimidate workers, they may result in retaliatory efforts as a form of suppression. When faced with workplace retaliation, the next step to take as an employee is to seek legal remedies for the situation.
  • Wrongful Termination: When workplace conflicts between you and management become too extreme, these issues may be escalated beyond conversation, leading to your wrongful termination. As an extreme form of retaliation, employment termination is seen as the final sign that your employer has suppressed you from speaking up about any internal wrongdoings or workplace issues. However, seeking legal help in bringing your employer to court to prove wrongful termination can help restore your job while finally speaking about the issues you faced or observed in a retaliation-free space.

Seeking adequate handling and restorative justice for any workplace issue is key to moving past any problems and creating a non-hostile, productive workplace. Speaking up should not be penalized, and you have the right to get your experiences or issues at work handled with the utmost care. As an employee, your rights should not be compromised to save the reputation of your employer and seeking legal counsel to rectify any employment law violations is key to helping you recover from these jarring incidents.

Riverside Employment Lawyer

FAQs About Employment Law Attorney, Riverside

How Much Does an EDD Lawyer Cost?

Each employment law case is different, and the level at which each is argued can contribute to the overall price of your legal services. For example, a full-blown wrongful termination suit that has proven violations of different national protections for disability established by the ADA may require a trial court to settle, which can increase your legal fees, whereas smaller claims like pay disparity can be resolved in a mediation meeting.

What Can an Employment Lawyer Help With?

As with any legal case, the support of a legal team is crucial to restoring justice, especially in a field as imperative as employment law. For incidents regarding employment law, knowing what constitutes legal and illegal in terms of workplace issues is important for seeking further rectification for different issues.

How Much Do Employment Lawyers Charge in California?

Different employment law firms will charge different amounts of money based on their services, and no two firms are the same in terms of billing. The most important quality needed when searching for a proper employment law attorney is case experience, which can make or break the outcome of your case beyond the price tag.

How Do Employee Rights Lawyers Work?

In addition to counseling employees, compiling documented evidence of different events, and interviewing witnesses, employment law attorneys help workers realize the full scope of their rights, helping create a legal framework for addressing workplace problems. Knowing your legal rights as an employee is crucial for avoiding any major employer-based retaliation for speaking up about workplace issues.

What Is the Role of an Employment Lawyer?

The role of an employment lawyer is to uphold state and national laws regarding employees’ rights in the workplace. Providing crucial guidance on worker’s rights knowledge and addressing grievances, employment lawyers are essential to helping workers have a firm support network when facing retaliation from their employers.

When to Seek Out an Employment Lawyer in Riverside, CA

Facing any kind of retaliation in the workplace, especially when it threatens your livelihood, is never an easy battle. Finding a legal team able to equip you with the proper tools to combat these instances while helping you get the compensation you deserve is imperative. At Clark Employment Law, our expert legal services are available to help you restore your violated worker’s rights. Between our expertise in the veiled and wide array of practice areas, we can ensure that your team is here to help. For a full list of our practice areas or more information about our team, visit our website and sign up for a free consultation today.

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