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Defamation is an injury or damage to a person’s reputation. There are few things in life more valuable than your reputation. In the employment context, defamation can occur when a supervisor or manager intentionally or knowingly tells a lie about an employee or falsely accuses the employee of some wrongdoing in front of someone other than that employee. Defamation could be verbal or in writing. Examples of character defamation in employment situations may include:

  • Former manager maliciously lies to a former employee’s potential employer that the employee was fired because he lacked job knowledge or was not a competent worker;
  • A bank publishes that a former employee is dishonest, has falsified his expense account, and has failed to properly account for funds when the employee is seeking a job at a different bank; or
  • An employee’s immediate supervisor writes an internal memo to the human resources manager, falsely stating that the employee is disloyal and insubordinate.
    Los Angeles Defamation Attorney

In California, Defamation claims often arise after the employment relationship ends, and a former employer is asked for a reference.

Many termination cases are potential defamation cases. However, suits for defamation can be tough to win. Please contact Clark Employment Law if you believe your employer or former employer may have defamed you. Our team of Los Angeles-based attorneys with expertise in employment law will assist you to sue for defamation of character.

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