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Whistleblower Retaliation

Some employees are fired or threatened with termination when they report health and safety violations, waste or theft of tax dollars, criminal conduct, or other violations of a law or regulation. Under various whistleblower legislations, these retaliatory actions by an employer are illegal. In California, an employee may also blow the whistle by internally reporting what the employee reasonably believes to be a violation of law to his or her supervisor or to another employee authority to investigate or correct the company’s violation of law. Examples of whistleblowing activity may include:

  • The employee reports to the company’s management or a government agency that the company’s facilities fail to comply with the safety regulations;
  • The employee testifies at a hearing to support his or her co-worker’s case against the employer; or
  • The employee refuses to participate in price fixing because he or she believes that price fixing is a violation of law.

If a whistleblowing employee is terminated because of his or her whistleblowing activity, the whistleblower may have a claim against the employer.

Whistleblower Retaliation Claims and Protection Laws

If you have information that your employer is violating laws or regulations, or if your employer is causing danger to the public’s health and safety, you should not fear to speak up or report the employer’s wrongful conduct. Your employer should not retaliate against you for doing the right thing. Unfortunately, some employers try to silence the whistleblowers by shunning, intimidating, or even firing them.

Best Whistleblower Law Firms in Los Angeles

Blowing the whistle on your employer can be scary. But various state and federal laws are in place to protect whistleblowers like you from retaliation by their employers in a number of situations. You are not alone. Clark Employment Law is one of the best whistleblower law firms in Los Angeles. We are committed to seek justice for employees who are retaliated against because of their whistleblowing activities. Please contact our firm if you feel that you have been mistreated at work because of your whistle blowing activity. Our Los Angeles based attorneys will assist you in pursuing all legal remedies that are available to you.

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