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Whistleblowers have been an essential part of the American economy for many years. Many whistleblowers’ actions have reshaped businesses and generated comprehensive legislation to ensure more honest, more efficient, and more transparent business practices across all industries. When an individual or group of individuals working together discovers corruption, fraud, criminality, and other misconduct in their workplace, “whistleblowing” is the act of these individuals reporting their findings to the appropriate government agencies.

Legal Representation for Riverside, CA, Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers have uncovered and exposed a wide array of unethical and illegal practices in many organizations. Their importance to the legitimacy of American business and political structures is crucial. Unfortunately, however, many whistleblowers feel isolated, distressed, and targeted by their positions. Some fear coming forward with their findings due to the expectation of reprisals from their employers. Others do come forward, only to unfairly lose their jobs and threaten their livelihoods.

If you or a relative have discovered unethical, illegal, or corrupt activity occurring within a Riverside, CA, workplace, it’s natural to have doubts and concerns about how to address the situation. You may have options for reporting your discovery to internal authorities within your organization as well as local, state, and federal authorities.

An experienced Riverside whistleblower attorney can provide valuable guidance as you determine the best way to proceed. They can also represent you in court should you become the victim of retaliation from your employer.

Why Do I Need a Riverside Whistleblower Attorney?

Many people who discover wrongful behavior within their workplaces are unsure how to address the situation. Typically, the first step in bringing attention to illegal, unethical, and corrupt behavior is using an organization’s internal reporting system.

Many whistleblowers’ first steps include reporting their findings to their supervisors and the parties within their organizations with the authority to investigate and resolve the issues in question. However, there is no guarantee that these parties will take appropriate action. Many whistleblowers are mistreated, demoted, transferred, or fired for raising their concerns.

It is against the law for any employer in Riverside to terminate or otherwise punish an employee for a whistleblower report made in good faith. This is whistleblower retaliation, and a Riverside whistleblower lawyer is the ideal resource to consult if you have experienced any form of retaliation in response to your whistleblower report.

Clark Employment Law, APC, has years of experience defending the rights of whistleblowers in Riverside, CA, and surrounding areas. If you need professional legal guidance and support to address your current situation effectively, our team can provide the representation you need to approach your case with confidence.

Riverside Whistleblower Lawyer

Common Types of Whistleblower Reports

Whistleblowers have played essential roles in various industries over the past several decades, bringing corruption, illegality, and countless forms of fraud to light. Some whistleblower reports help companies resolve internal problems, while others, such as those filed under the False Claims Act, have exposed organizations fraudulently abusing government programs. Some of the most common types of whistleblower reports in the US include:

  • Health care organization whistleblowers. Many healthcare professionals, hospitals, and healthcare organizations work with various government programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Unfortunately, some of these parties have taken advantage of blind spots in oversight structures to defraud these programs. Healthcare whistleblowers have exposed corrupt billing practices and helped patients escape exploitation and negligent treatment, ultimately improving patient care outcomes for many people.
  • Government contractor whistleblowers. Companies that accept service and production contracts for the US government must abide by strict regulations, but not all organizations are truthful in their billing and reporting practices. Whistleblowers have exposed fraudulent abuse of government programs, regulatory noncompliance, and countless other issues pertaining to government-supported business practices.
  • Financial services whistleblowers. The financial industry is inherently vulnerable to corruption, and whistleblowers have been crucial in exposing unethical and illegal practices within companies operating in this industry. For example, whistleblowers have exposed insider trading, customer exploitation, embezzlement, fraudulent reporting, and much more in the financial services industry.
  • Environmental hazard whistleblowers. Many companies conduct operations that pose risks to the environment, and not all of these companies abide by the regulations in place for their operations. Whistleblowers report environmental hazards, and violations of environmental protection regulations have helped preserve wildlife and valuable ecosystems and helped ensure their organizations are held accountable for unethical practices.

If you believe you have any need to report problems within your organization but are hesitant to do so, a Riverside whistleblower attorney can provide the support you need in this challenging position.

Riverside Whistleblower Lawyer

FAQs About Riverside Whistleblower Attorney

How Do You Win a Whistleblower Case?

A Riverside whistleblower attorney can represent you after being fired or otherwise penalized for a whistleblower report you made in good faith. You must prove that your report was filed out of the genuine concern and not for personal gain or hope for reward. You must also prove that you were subjected to unfair, unethical, or illegal treatment from your employer in response to your report. Finally, you must prove that you incurred damages from the mistreatment you experienced.

Can In-House Counsel Be a Whistleblower?

Attorneys are typically bound by attorney-client privilege and cannot divulge certain information provided by their clients. However, federal law upholds that in-house counsel has the right to blow the whistle regarding confidential information that would typically fall under the protection of attorney-client privilege.

Can a Customer Be a Whistleblower?

Whistleblowers include not only current employees of an organization but also former employees, partners, consultants, competitors, clients, and customers. Whenever anyone discovers evidence of illegal activity or regulatory noncompliance, they could become a whistleblower by reporting their findings to the appropriate authorities.

What Are the Main Forms of Whistleblowing?

There are generally two forms of whistleblowing: internal whistleblowing, which involves reporting problems internally to supervisors and parties within an organization who have the authority to address and resolve the situation, and external whistleblowing, which involves reporting problems to the appropriate oversight agencies.

It’s natural to be hesitant and uncertain about your legal position when you believe you have grounds to blow the whistle on a company’s illegal practices. Clark Employment Law, APC, can provide the support and counsel you need in this challenging position. We can also help you hold an employer accountable for any mistreatment you experienced in response to your good faith whistleblower report. Contact us today and schedule your consultation with a Riverside whistleblower attorney.

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