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Whistleblowers across all industries have been responsible for sweeping changes and massive criminal cases throughout the US in recent years. A whistleblower is an individual who reports discoveries of unethical, illegal, fraudulent, and corrupt practices within an organization. Many major cases have erupted from whistleblower reports, and whistleblowers have been the catalysts for more meticulous oversight of high-risk industries and organizations prone to corruption and other criminality.

San Bernardino Whistleblower Lawyer

Representing Whistleblowers in San Bernardino, CA

It is important to note that whistleblower reports must be made in good faith. This means the reporting party does not intend to exact any revenge on their employer or the party in question or that they hope for a reward. Instead, whistleblower reports must be made out of genuine concern, and they must go through the appropriate channels. Unfortunately, many whistleblowers face adverse treatment from the parties involved in their reports, such as wrongful termination, demotion, and hostile work environments.

If you or a loved one recently discovered an issue with a San Bernardino organization that you believe qualifies for a whistleblower report, it’s natural to be hesitant about this type of situation. You may not know the best approach to resolving the issue and may fear retaliation from your employer. A San Bernardino whistleblower lawyer can not only advise you as to the best way to proceed with your report but also provide legal counsel to address any adverse treatment you experience in response to your report.

Why Should I Hire a San Bernardino Whistleblower Attorney?

It’s common for people who have grounds to file whistleblower complaints to hesitate in coming forward with their information. Understandably, many of these individuals fear losing their jobs or facing other adverse treatment from their employers or even members of their local community. In addition, some may not know the appropriate channels for filing their reports or what to expect from the reporting process.

Regardless of the nature of your whistleblower report or your unique concerns regarding your report, working with a San Bernardino whistleblower lawyer will make filing your report and addressing the aftermath much easier. An experienced attorney can help you determine the best way to bring your information to the appropriate parties. In addition, if you have already filed a whistleblower report in good faith and have been wrongfully terminated or otherwise mistreated by your employer or other parties, an attorney can help you resolve these issues.

Clark Employment Law, APC, has years of experience in employment law, helping many clients throughout the San Bernardino, CA, area with complex cases, including those pertaining to whistleblower reports. We understand the difficult position you are likely to find yourself in when you must file a whistleblower report, especially if your report involves your employer. We can offer the guidance and legal advice you need to approach this situation with confidence and peace of mind.

San Bernardino Whistleblower Lawyer

Common Examples of Whistleblowing

Whistleblowers have played critical roles in various industries, encouraging greater transparency, regulatory compliance, and ethics in many organizations. However, situations can arise in any industry that prompt whistleblowers to act, and some of the most commonly filed whistleblower reports in the US include:

  • Health care reports. The healthcare industry in the US is unfortunately prone to fraud, corruption, and abuse of government-funded programs Medicare and Medicaid. Whistleblowers in many healthcare organizations, hospitals, and treatment centers have come forward to report patient mistreatment, widespread negligence, and fraudulent practices pertaining to the False Claims Act.
  • Government contractor reports. Many organizations receive government contracts to perform various types of work, and they must abide by carefully defined rules and regulations. As a result, members of contracted organizations have filed whistleblower reports regarding corrupt billing practices, noncompliance with applicable regulations, and failure to abide by environmental protection policies.
  • Financial sector reports. Companies that operate in the financial industry are especially vulnerable to countless forms of fraud. Whistleblowers in many different financial organizations and institutions have reported embezzlement, customer exploitation, insider trading, and networks of fraud and corruption. Many of these cases involve individuals and small groups of individuals acting in concert to exploit other parties for personal financial gain.
  • Environmental protection reports. Many companies’ operations pose environmental risks, and these organizations must abide by strict regulations to ensure they do not endanger the local environment. Unfortunately, whistleblowers have reported various violations of environmental protection regulation, from failure to follow appropriate reporting standards to fraudulent environmental testing results and other unethical and illegal practices.

There are many situations in any industry that might prompt an individual to file a whistleblower report. However, if you believe you need to report illegal, unethical, or fraudulent practices from within your organization, a San Bernardino whistleblower lawyer can provide the legal representation you need to navigate this complex situation effectively.

FAQs on Whistleblower Lawyers in San Bernardino

What Can I Expect in My Whistleblower Case?

Your San Bernardino whistleblower attorney can represent you when your employer has wrongfully terminated you or penalized you for filing a whistleblower report. However, you must prove you filed the report in good faith and not out of hope for reward or any personal gain. You must also prove the mistreatment you experienced was a direct response to your whistleblower report.

How Can I File a Whistleblower Report?

There are two main methods of filing whistleblower reports: internal and external. An internal report would be filed through your supervisor and up the chain of command of your organization, notifying them of the problematic practices you have witnessed. An external report is more suitable when internal reporting channels are fruitless or compromised by the activity in question and typically involve a government oversight agency.

Can I Receive Compensation for a Whistleblower Report?

The objective of a whistleblower report is to expose fraud, corruption, and illegal practices, not to obtain a reward. However, whistleblowers who file their reports in good faith are often awarded compensation in some situations, such as those resulting in financial sanctions against the party in question. It is also possible to recover damages, such as lost income and infliction of emotional distress, if you must file a whistleblower retaliation case against an employer.

Who Can File a Whistleblower Report?

Many parties are capable of blowing the whistle in various situations. While many whistleblowers are employees of organizations involved in corrupt practices, some are customers, clients, partners, consultants, and even competitors of organizations involved in illegal or corrupt practices. If you are unsure whether you have grounds or standing to file a whistleblower report, it’s a good idea to consult a San Bernardino whistleblower attorney as soon as possible.

Clark Employment Law, APC, believes in protecting and supporting whistleblowers who expose criminal practices, fraud, corruption, and hazards to public health and safety in good faith. If you are unsure how to file your whistleblower report or need legal counsel after a wrongful termination or other retaliation against your report, contact us today to schedule a consultation with a San Bernardino whistleblower lawyer.

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